Setting up a new Project

Since you can use one Bruno account to track multiple websites, they all need to be assigned to their own project. You can view all your projects on the All Projects page. 

To find the All Projects page, go to All Projects located in the sidebar. Here you will find the projects that belong to your account. 
To create a new project, click on + New Project at the top of the page. A window will appear asking you to enter a name for the project as well as the URL of the website you want to track. Click Create when you are done. 
You can edit a project’s name or URL at any time by hovering over the project and clicking the pen symbol in the top right corner. Click on Save when you are done. Read more about what happens to your project when you change the URL in this article. 
Delete a project by hovering over it and clicking the pen symbol in the top right corner and then on Delete.
You will be able to find all your projects in the drop-down menu located in the navigation bar at the top. To go back to the All Projects page, click on All Projects inside the drop-down menu.

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