Adding Your First Keywords

It is now time to add your first keywords.

Select the project you want to add keywords to by clicking on it. You will be sent to the Overview page for that project. 
Click the on  + Add Keywords. A window will open with the keyword adding interface. 
There are several ways to add keywords using this interface. The simplest way is to add them manually. Type one keyword per line and hit enter to create a new line. You can assign them to a group using the Assign to a group with the drop-down menu at the top right corner. Assigning keywords to groups can also be done at a later point.
Another way is to use the Discover new keywords feature to get keyword suggestions. Simply enter a keyword that relates to your website content and Bruno will find longer search terms containing the input keyword.
If you already have a list of keywords, you can import them into Bruno by uploading a CSV file. Click Upload CSV file and choose a file that is saved on your computer. The file should contain keywords written one per line. Refer to this article for examples.
To delete a keyword, check the box next to it and click Delete. A window will appear asking if you are sure about your action. If you are, press Delete.
You get 10 keywords for free. And they are free forever. To unlock more, upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans.

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