Finding More Keywords

Now that you have added a few keywords, it is always good to add more. To find valuable terms that you haven’t already included, click on Keyword Ideas in the sidebar and then Site Explorer. 

If your own website is already ranking for at least some content, it might be worth looking it up in Site Explorer to find out which keywords you are ranking for. 

In the search bar, input the URL of a website that has similar content to yours, such as one of your competitors. Bruno will retrieve lots of keywords and data about the input website. 
To add new keywords for Bruno to track, check the gray box next to each keyword that you want to add, or click the top box to add all of them. 
Make use of filters in the case that your website content differs substantially from the overall content on the input website. You can for instance choose to only see keywords that include a specific term using the Contains option. Sort the table to your liking by clicking on the top row of a column.
If you want to learn more about the data that is associated with a keyword, these articles have got you covered.

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